About the Artist

Ehh there's not much of interest to say about me. My life wouldn't even make a good sublplot in a C grade movie, but hey, if ya really wanna know here goes:

STATS AgeNearly 40
Location:North Texas
Education: BA in Visual Art
Pets: I've own rats. Over the years there has been Peter, Justin, Seamus, and Tucker. May theose little guys rest in peace.
Currently with me are Cuthbert, a grumpy old brown guy, and Stabler, a hyperactive little guy with a bit of a temper.
Fave Books: The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King, The Harry Potter series by JKR, Faerhenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, and Untouchables by Elliot Ness
Fave Comics: "A Distant Soil" by Colleen Doran, "ElfQuest" by the Pinis, "Books of Magic", "Usagi Yojimbo" by Stan Saki, "Violinist of Hameln" by Michiaki Watanba, "Vampire Miyu" by Narumi Kakicnouchi, "Shisnengumi Imon PeaceMaker" by Kurono Nanae, 'Tokyo Babylon" by CLAMP
Fave Movies: Lady Jane, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Princess Bride, Last Starfighter, Newsies, Spiderman, Peter Pan, X-Men, Constantine, Hook, and Casper.
Fave Shows: Battlestar Galactica (original), Untouchable (1991), Violinist of Hameln, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order, Cold Case,
Drinks Dr. Pepper and Orange Juice
Likes: Watercolor, the internet, doujinshi, eating, sleeping, getting dirty, goblins, imps, comics, Shisnengumi, History, movie soundtracks
Dislikes: Cleaning my room, stretching watercolor paper, loosing things, mathmatical word problems

So, there you go, Ani in a nutshell.

And Now A FAQ

Archive Your Art?
MAYBE. You must e-mail me and ask first. I reserve the right to control where my art goes, so just because you ask doesn't mean I'll say yes.
Fanart I'm more apt to say yes on then original art.

LJ Icons?
You may use fanart for LJ Icons. I don't mind, and you don't need to ask. Credit is cool, but I'm not gonna track you down and beat you.
HOWEVER, please do not use my original Horror, fantasy, and personal art for your icons without getting my premission first.
ALSO pleas don't use anything that was a commission.

You can request something, but I most likely won't do it. I really don't have the time. If you want something, commission me.

Most likely no. If I am doing trades, I'll say something on my livejournal.

What Do you Draw With?
I use several media, though my mine ones tend to be marker (I use copic, prismacolor, and Tria Pantone) and watercolor. For my marker pictures, I usually work on smooth btistle board and for my watercolor pieces I usually sue eitehr illustration board or 140 lb Arches watercolor paper.
The main thing I use constantly though is a pencil and a sketch bok. I take those where ever I go.

Who Were Your Influences
Mostly Comic artists like Wendy Pini, Colleen Doran, Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, Al Ailliamson, etc. I was also influenced heavily by the artists George Barr, Virgil Finlay as well as by Classical artists like Rapheal and Carvaggio .

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