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Acknowledgements: Site design was loosely based on "The Little Libretti" by Nicole, who kindly helped my understand tables. Thanks to all the artists and writers and philosophers who allowed my to post their ideas and creations. Thanks to Gileonnen, Gothic Princess, Weaver, Piri Malfoy, Lady Feylene for being such devoted Peter fans that I felt encouraged to create this site.

Welcome to one of the few Peter Pettigrew fan pages on the net

Hey there! Quick Note written 2021.
Nope note a site update.

But, I want to give some context to this site to any post "End of the Series" fans who find this site and wonder WTF. (I don't blame you).

This is an First Gen Harry Potter Fansite created 99% BEFORE Order of the Phoenix was Released. What you will see displayed on this page is analysis of a character that reflects the hopeful optimism the early fandom had that JKR was going to turn a lot of toxic Fantasy Tropes on their heads. We know now, in the hindsight of the series completion, that she did not. That the character depth we hoped for - for many characters, not just Peter- would never materialize, and in many cases she double downed on some awful tropes.

So I ask you, kind reader, to keep that in mind as you look at this old OLD site. Remember that this site did not know the extent to which it would be let down. Yes in the hindsight of 2021, it is cringe, and I am embarrassed by it to some extent. However, I am choosing to keep this site up as a relic of my youthful naiveite, and as a relic of the bygone optimism and hope of early fandom (Something already fading in this site's last 0post OotP update).

I just ask you not judge me too harshly nearly 20 years later by what I once wrote here.
- Ani

Updates: 7/24/04
1) Added eight new pieces of art from four different artists
2)Added fifteen new fanfics by nine different writers
3) added 9 new Peter Icons featuring art and pictures of the actor that played him.
4) I added a movie section with some information about the man who played Peter.
5) I added two new links

Notes: 7/23/04
Look for this little guy to see what's new on the site!

Goodness, I thought I'd never get this site updated! I'm sorry it took so long. Those fics, wow, that took forever, and they're still not great. I apologize for the lack of uniformity in that section. One thing though, when I first started this site, there was hardly anything for me to collect to put here, and now, I'm almost overwhelmed! I can't tell you how awesome that is.
As always, if you have something Peter related be it a fanfic, or icon, or essay, or whatever, let me know, and I'd be more than happy to host it here. Also, thank you all for the wonderful, encouraging e-mails I've gotten. It's great to see I'm not the only one he wants to do more than throw tomatoes at this character ^__^

Of course not everyone likes Peter, and some take the time out of their day to tell me I'm crazy, which I am, so I can't dispute that, just that, no matter what, I still think Peter is an interesting character.
I hope you enjoy looking around and that this site in some way engages you!

-Anakin Bester

What's with the green? I think the color suits Peter. It symbolizes: youth, vigor, hope, cheerfulness, healing, helpful, deceitful, change, devotion, frankness, envy, deceit, materialism.

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