HP Art Project Information

What the Project Is
This project is a coming together of people who have been inspired to draw by Harry Potter. Every chapter of the books has been illustrated (sometimes by more than one person) and bound into on large book. This book will be presented to JKR as a thank you gift for the inspiration she's given us.

This site was created to be an easy source of information for those involved.


The Book was mailed out on 12/11/2013. Sad to say, no official response was every received. We can only hope JKR saw it and enjoyed it.

However, the book was amazing, and putting this together remains one of my fondest memories from the hey day of the First Wave of the Harry Potter Fandon.

Aside from the finished version sent to JKR, two proof copies exist (each with minor errors). They are not however online for two reasons.
1.Many MANY people have asked that the art not be made public and expressed it was for JKR only.
2. There were very personally messages to JKR that can't be made public.

I have simply never had the time to sit and re-edit this book for public viewing, nor was it ever intended to be a book for public consumption, but for JKR only. Perhaps one day I can see what I can get up here.