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Time is Flying By
I can't believe it is already almost March. It feels like I just updated. You may notice there are not many updates in the illustration gallery this go around, and that is because most of my art has been concentrated on my webcomic.

State of Disunion has been off to a good start this year. Even getting a good write, which was just amazing for me. Right now, I have been concentrating on the one-shot comics, but I do plan to finish the historical comic on how new Mexico became a state on the racism she had to overcome.

Aside of State of Disunion, I am hoping to work more on my Space Mermaids series. I also have a darker series in mind, but I will have to see if that pans out.

And of course I am busy preparing for this March's show Women of Wonder Con. This show is dear to my heart because it is all about inspiring and educating, and giving visibility to women creators. Speaking of visible women, there is a *great* hashtag on twitter #visiblewomen that is a wonderful way of finding truly talantd women in the art fields!

As far of upcoming shows, again, I have had to downsize this year because of my pregnancy (due April 26th!), but I have managed to book another small show, Arlingcon, so that make two so far this year, though I do plan to be at Staples again if I can get in. It is very odd not to be prepping for a huge show, but at the same time, a little nice. I can focus more on my own personal projects without worrying about sales.

And that is the State of Galactic Dust Bunnies for the month of Feb.!

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Women of Wonder Con 3/9/2019
ArlingCon 6/15/19

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