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The Inklings

Some fanart for the works of CD Lewis and Tolkien. Right now there's so little for either book that I just clumped 'em together. Sorry!
Edmund and Peter Jadis little sam

The Devil Series

A novel by Amy Webb. If you are looking for magical romance, I suggest picking this book up!

Simon, Tessa and Scott
Simon, Tessa and Scott Tessa and Simon; Love or Metnal illness? Tessa and Simon Tessa and Simon

The A-Team

Ok so, not a book, but it's easiest to put it here.
This sereis is just so much fun to watch and almost as much fun to draw!
Murdock in the VA Murdock and Face playing pocker The A-Team as kids

Battlestar Galactica

Yet another thing that's not really a book, though I am reading the novelizations right now, rather than actually watching the show.
Starbuck as a bug Apollo and Starbuck


Perhaps one of my favorite movies and cartoons of all time!
The Ghostbusters at Hogwarts Ray Ray and Slimer

Cold Fire Trilogy

By CS Friedman. I've never finished the series to be honest, but I really enjoyed the first book.
Senzei Tarrent; The Hunter