What is the HP Art Project?
This project is a collaboration of artists throughout the Harry Potter fandom. The goal is to have two illustrations per chapter for each of the Harry Potter books. Once these are collected, they will be bound into a book and sent to JK Rowling.
Our very special thanks to the illustrious ali_wildgoose, who's Letterbox Project inspired us and to Anita, whose idea this originally was.

Who is running this?
Right now ani_bester is in charge of the project. Previously, it was run by bzzinglikeneon (who created the idea) and mawaridi.

Can I help?
At times, yes I do need help,.
If such a time comes up there will be a notification on the Deviatnart and Livejournal Journals. If you want to help, watch those to journal for announcements:
http://community.livejournal.com/hp_art_project/ (on LJ)
http://hp-art-project.deviantart.com/ (On DA)

Project Specifics
Is There a Cost?
YES! Yes there is a cost! Unfortunately, I'm not independently wealthy and cannot afford to have all this art printed, bound, and shipped on my own.

You must pay $5.00 per image you submit to the project with a max at 15.00.
Payment will be sent in stages, more information to come.
Please do not send me any money right now! All I have is my commission account and if you send money to that I will be confused!

When is the Deadline?
The Finale Deadline FOR ALL ARTISTS is 12/29/2010
Please have all artwork submitted to me by that time!

Are there Extensions?
Only in the case of extreme situations. School work and exams and daily life pile ups will not be a reason for an extension anymore.
However, there is a one week grace period after 12/29/2010 to get the art to me. After that, unless we have worked something out previously, you will be removed and I will hand the chapter to a pinch hitter.

What Does it Mean if I'm Listed Second?
At this point nothing, people have dropped on and off so much that it no longer even means you were the first or second person assigned to the chapter. It just means that's where you name is on the list. Everyone on the assignment list has art going into the book.

You Haven't Contacted me. Am I in?
E-mail me to double check. Everyone who's in should have heard something from me by now.

Can we Purchase of Copy of the Book?
Possibly. There is talk of making copies of this available to participants only. However it would be sold at cost and for non profit if this does happen. Also only artists who agree to this would have their art included, so it is unlikely the entire book could ever be put together.

Technical Issues
What Size do I make the Art?
Portrait Orientation = 6.5 X 9.5 inches 350 DPI
Template Example (note you are only responsible for the area designated "image space" PLEASE do not worry about the rest!

Landscape Orientation = 9.5 X 6 inches 350 DPI
Template Example (note you are only responsible for the area designated "image space" PLEASE do not worry about the rest!

If you do not use that size, your image will need to be resized.
If you do not use a RATIO of those sizes, your image may be cropped

PLEASE do not put anything of huge importance on the edges.

What Size to Should the File Be?
350 DPI at least. Files types can be JPS, PNG, or TIFF. a large JPG file is probably easiest on me, but I can work out the others.
You may want to save the file in a CMYK format. Printing is usually done in CMYK versus RGB. I can print change an RGB file but there will be more color variation. It's no big deal to me though. (note CMYK images don't seem display on websites. If you do make a CMYK file, you'll need to send me the file to be downloaded)

Where Do I Send the Art
Send a link to where the art can be downloaded (ex: yousendit/ megadownload/ your own webpage etc) to kcrenshaw.designs(at) gmail(dot) com

When You Send the Art Please Include
Online Name:
Name You Want in the Book:
Media Used:
Where you are from (optional)
Age: (optional)
Note to JKR: (you can write a 300 word personal message to JKR about whatever you like. it doesn’t need to be exactly 500, 510 or 502 are fine, but just keep it in that ball park)

Any further Question please contact kcrenshaw.designs(at) gmail(dot) com

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