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Con Season has come and gone time to kick back, relax, and . . . start vending craft shows *fingers crossed*
With convention season winding down, I have decided to purchase a shiny new (or maybe used) pop up tent and start trying my hand at craft and art show around the ares. We shall see! I feel as though at conventions only one aspect of my art chops gets to shine, and I am ready to put the other parts out there and see how they do. So that is a new adventure I will start applying for ASAP

State of Disunion is currently still on baby hiatus. Every time I think THIS WILL BE THE WEEK, something comes along and nope. it is not the week.

I have been working on some new pieces that I can't wait to show off :)

Until next Time!
PS: I know the illustration gallery has become a bit. Some coding has gone awry and tossed in an extra space I can't get rid of! working on it, but other than aesthetically annoying, it all still works.
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